Above the Influence (ATI)

ATI logoATI is a national campaign inspiring groups of young people to form all over the country to raise awareness about how to stay above the negative influences they encounter in their lives. The group focuses on providing education regarding the negative impact of substance use and inspires people to make healthy choices through fun activities.

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ATI activities at Leland and Gray Middle School

Edge of Leadership (EOL)

During this weekend-long training for ATI groups in Windham County, High 5 staff lead students through a series of team building challenges over the course of the weekend, many of which require them to push their own limits and have faith in one another. Students spend the majority of the weekend in the tree tops – climbing, swinging and working together to accomplish each challenge. The goal of this training is for students to discover the leadership qualities within themselves and become empowered to go back to their school or community and make a difference. This typically kicks off the school year.

“I choose to be above the influence because I know that I won’t be able to achieve my goals if I’m addicted to drugs & alcohol” – Madison Chase, class of 2020

Sticker Shock
This activity is designed to deter adults from purchasing beer for minors and is a collaboration with local retailers that sell alcohol. ATI students affixed stickers to cases of beer indicating that providing alcohol to minors is illegal and the possible consequences including up to $2,000 in fines and a 2-year prison sentence.

Getting to “Y”

ATI students travel to Montpelier to receive training on interpreting the Youth Risk Behavior Survey results for their school. Next, they host a forum at their school with students and teachers to identify the school’s strengths and concerts. Root causes are also explored as well as possible solutions.

Tag It
This activity is designed to increase awareness of the influences in our environment and how they affect the decisions we make (both positive and negative).

“It’s about being aware of what impacts your thoughts and actions and making a conscious choice about who you want to be” – Farrian and Kayla, class of 2019

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