On Thursday, February 8th at the Leland & Gray girls basketball game, West River Valley Thrives is running a FREE raffle for a $25 gift card to Burrows Specialized Sports in Brattleboro! The raffle tickets will be distributed before and during both games (Junior Varsity and Varsity). We will draw a winner at the Varsity half-time. When you receive the raffle ticket you will also have the opportunity to share your concerns about the presence of flavored tobacco in your community. Doors to the gym will open at 5 PM.

Through this raffle, we are taking time to inform people about the realities of flavored nicotine and tobacco products.

-The good news is that teen smoking rates continue to fall. The bad news is that each year about 1,000 Vermonters a year still die of tobacco-related diseases, including oral cancer and stroke.

-Also, while candy-flavored cigarettes were made illegal in the US in 2009, candy-flavored mini-cigars, which are frequently found in convenience stores (especially at ones that are closest to schools), are marketed by tobacco companies who ship them to Vermont.

-We know from tobacco company memos that youths have been their targets, for a long time. In some parts of the country, candy-flavored cigars, chew, and vape products have been made illegal.

We hope to see you at the game and wish you good luck, both at the raffle and in life! GO REBELS!

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