In October of 2014, 30 parents of children in grades 6 – 9 in the Windham Central Supervisory Union took the WRVthrives’ Parent Survey.  Bellow are some of the results:

Risk Factors

16% of parents said they think it is O.K. for youth ages 17-20 to drink alcohol

16% of parents said that it is likely that their child could access alcohol kept in the home

14% of parents know other parents who host parties where alcohol is served to teens

30% of parents have allowed their child to drink alcohol at home

Protective Factors

88% of parents said that they talked to their child at least 2-3 times about alcohol use in the past 12 months

85% of parents know what their child is doing after school

68% of parents agree that underage drinking is a problem

80% of parents ask their child if there will be alcohol present at parties/social gatherings they want to attend

93% of parents usually call to verify that a parent or responsible adult will be present at a party/social event

Ways parents can help prevent youth substance use:

–          Create close family relationships

–          Be consistent (i.e. practice what you preach, follow through on your word)

–          Set high expectations for academic achievement and be involved in your child’s school

–          Model and teach healthy coping strategies for dealing with stress

–          Set clear expectations and boundaries regarding alcohol and other drug use

–          Help your child create a plan for how he/she will respond if alcohol or drugs are offered to him/her

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