Coalition Meeting Minutes


November 9th, 2016, 2:30-4:00pm

WRVT Office – 24 Sawdust Alley, Townshend


Attendees: Mike Roj (Windham County Sheriff’s Office), Kristin Cox (WRVT), Kate Venne (WRVT), Robin Rieske (VT Dept of Health), Crystal Mansfield (Grace Cottage Hospital), Bill Monahan (Grace Cottage Hospital)


2:30Sign in and refreshments  
2:40Check-In/IntroductionsBill: Had a good time at the Wellness Fair, was able to make connections with some L&G students

Crystal: Working w/ the Townshend Elementary School to address healthy lifestyle habits for students

Mike: Has worked in law enforcement for 30+ years, has implemented a Driver’s Ed law enforcement program in VT schools

-Looking to find data on how many students have been involved in car crashes

-Also accesses the YRBS for data on youth safety

2:55Parent “Get Together” Event


Sharing Ideas and getting feedback on planning a parent engagement event

ATI Snow Ball middle school dance is from 7-10pm, parent event could happen during the dance

-Robin: maybe a selection of fancy desserts and other refreshments. Start the conversation with an ice breaker (UBUNTU cards), then a discussion questions and breakout groups. Use some YRBS data

-Bill: Is a good opportunity to get connected w/ other parents and share ideas

-Location: maybe in the Dutton Gym

-Maybe have students make desserts

-Robin: has a script for parents to use for such an event

-Parents will not want to stay for 3 hours, but maybe we can do 1.5 hours and then an optional movie afterward

3:10Prevention Speakers/Trainings for this year


Group Discussion – coming up with ideas for topics/specific speakers

Cultural Competency Training:

-Crystal: it can be challenging to get people to go to something after work, 4:00 is a better time to have a training

-Lunch and Learn might work well for hospital staff, Kristin and Crystal will email about this

Robin: ask at the next Regional Prevention Partnership meeting who the good presenters are these days, email partnership group


3:25Negative Influences on Social Media – What can we do about this as a coalition?Instagram: lots of negative images that youth are seeing every day

Campaign to educate parents – educating parents at event (Crystal), conversation about privacy & trust(Robin)

Crystal: get students together and have a conversation about these negative images

3:45Other – How can we support your organization in prevention work?Crystal – Rx/MD dialogue – Kristin is in the process of reaching out to the Brattleboro RAPT group to set up a meeting to talk about this with GCH folks 


West River Valley Thrives’ mission is to create opportunities for meaningful contributions to support and promote healthy lifestyle choices with an emphasis on the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use by young people.


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