WRVThrives Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2017 2:30-4:00pm

L&G Rm A13


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Rebecca Keppler, Erica Reynolds, Robin Rieske, Sarah Jensen, Kimberly Diemond
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Robin: SAPST coming up in September, 4 days, getting things together for that. (Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training). Killington ADAP all day training Robin is helping facilitate. Also having in Brattleboro on 27th Opioid Event at the library. Conversations around idea addiction is a choice and attacking stigma. Compulsive behavior, behaviors that can come along with people struggling with addiction that are not good for individuals and society.


Erica: Went to CADCA mid-year, it was fantastic. Four full days of different event and trainings. Big take-away was how we as WRVT can be utilizing our board and community to help facilitate the programs and coalition purposes.


Kimberly: New office is good, been in about a month, have a new Americorp Vista. Settling into new routine.


Rebecca: What have I been up to sheet.

SAP Position




Sarah’s most recent employer, Habit Opco. Worked at the Retreat for 9 years, did a little bit of everything. Really missed working with youth. Will be going to the SBIRT training on October 12th.
Tobacco Prevention Coordinator



Rolf Parker, will be at CHA meeting tomorrow. Has 8 hours from WRVT and 12 hours from BAPC.




Sustainability planning.

Erica did the Progress Report and Annual Coalition Classification Tool and both were approved by DFC.


Write grant proposal for future SAP position coverage from Stratton Foundation.
Misc.Coalition development: DFC has two work plans, maybe at coalition or board meeting revisit capacity building work plan. Couple activities that can be done – check it and make sure we are where we need to be, have sectors of the community present in the 12 sectors. Start thinking about sustainability – where are we now, what does next year look like. PFS money will be gone next July, we can look at how to maintain that money. Stay ahead of what might happen at a federal level. We do not know if prevention will stay as a top priority. This is what Robin can help with.


I will sign us up for another year of membership.

When YRBS comes out, how can we use this as a platform to work with community in an interactive way.
What are we doing today that needs to be sustained.


Erica has been asked to sit on two different boards, one is the L’After program advisory board which is the after school program and also on Healthy Valley 2040’s steering committee which is through Grace Cottage.

Use sustainability money to hire someone who is really good with grants.
Other/Next Meeting




When we have the full board, revisit the by-laws.







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