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“It’s up to you whether or not to tell your child about any past marijuana use. But if you do—or if your child brings up adults they know who currently smoke pot—it’s important to keep the focus on how much you care about your child and how marijuana could affect her health and her future.

First, you and your child should know that the marijuana that your child may be introduced to today is much stronger and more potent than the marijuana you may have tried as a teen. In fact, a study in Colorado showed that the average content of the psychoactive chemical THC in marijuana (the chemical that produces that feeling of being “high”) rose from under 4% in 1983 to more than 17% in 2015. And in Washington State, the average THC content in marijuana from one vendor was measured at 21.7% in July, 2015.

This is a problem because greater marijuana potency can increase the risk of unexpected medical complications. Marijuana can also contain dangerous chemicals and be laced with other drugs.

Second, you and your child should know that today, there is growing evidence that THC comes with risks—especially for adolescent brains that are still developing. Even if adults appear to smoke marijuana safely—and even if it becomes legal for adult use—marijuana can have a very negative impact on a young person’s brain and life. It can limit judgment and self-control, damage the brain and body, and keep teens from doing their best in school, at work, and in learning new skills. These effects can cause problems for a teen now—and far into the future. Get more tips for talking to your child about marijuana.”

– See more at: http://parentupvt.org/whats-at-stake/surprising-alcohol-facts/#sthash.tsOgU7wn.dpuf

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