I interviewed a couple of people and asked them what they thought about gender roles and how they felt it has made an impact on society today and on their lives personally. Most of the people that were interviewed agreed that gender roles does have an impact on society today, especially when it comes to guys and girls not being able to do the same things. For example, one of the people I had interviewed had said that he sees a lot of gender inequality in sports. Men get payed more than women and women’s games don’t get televised as much as men’s games do.


There is also a lot of gender inequality in high school. Girls get judged for having multiple sexual partners whereas guys don’t. The guys are highly praised for it and called “The Man”! Meanwhile girls are ridiculed and labeled as “Skanks”, “Hoes”, and other derogatory words. Guys are also seen as more superior than girls. They are supposed to be faster, stronger, and smarter. But guys are also judged too. If a guy doesn’t play sports or doesn’t fit the description of “jock” he is considered a “pussy”, “bitch”, or anything that might mean they aren’t masculine enough.

Gender roles also ties into masculinity and how guys have to be and act a certain way to be “The Man”. They have to do certain things to fit in with the rest of the guys. Boys are told from a young age that they have to be tough, they have to suck it up, hold back their tears, and hide their emotions. Gender roles and Masculinity take a huge part in how society works today, because of these things people (especially teens) are afraid to be themselves. Society paints a picture of how we’re all supposed to look like and how we’re all supposed to act like in order to fit the status quo…

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