Who we are

West River Valley Thrives’ mission is to support and promote healthy lifestyle choices with an emphasis on the prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use by young people.

Any member of the community who aligns with Thrives’ mission is welcome to engage in this positive and mutually beneficial partnership. Each member is a valued resource who brings creative ideas and diverse skills that strengthen and motivate the group as a whole to make a positive difference in people’s lives and the community environment.

We serve seven towns in the West River Valley that are part of the Windham Central Supervisory Union.  Those towns include: Brookline, Jamaica, Marlboro, Newfane, Townshend, Windham, Wardsboro and their associated villages.

What we want to Accomplish

  • Increased student knowledge of harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Decrease in student acceptance of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.
  • Increased student perception that community norms discourage alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.
  • Increased youth participation in healthy coalition-sponsored activities.
  • Increased parent participation in healthy activities with youth.
  • Increased parent’s skills to help prevent youth substance use.
  • Decreased access to prescription drugs.
  • Increased community members’ knowledge on safe storage and disposal of prescription drugs.

Activities designed to accomplish our goals

How we Operate

To be successful in this mission, it must be a collective effort, one in which all sectors of the community are involved. Thrives is a partnership engaging organizations, municipalities, businesses and individuals, to help make a Collective Impact.

The key cornerstones that guide this collective impact have been identified through the successful work of partnerships like this across the country. They include:

  • Common Agenda – that drives our collective approach to solving a problem and reach a common goal.
  • Shared Measurements – to ensure we are making an impact.
  • Mutually Reinforced Activities – through communication and coordination we can complement and reinforce each other’s work.
  • Continuous Communication – will help us maintain our focus and momentum and continually clarify our goals and celebrate our achievements.
  • Backbone of Support – an organization to help in the coordination of this partnership, building public will and mobilizing funding to accomplish our shared goals.

Thrives seeks to work together on shared goals with new collaborate efforts and through support of activities local organizations are already doing.

To create these shared goals, Thrives uses a strategic planning framework to ensure that our efforts are outcomes based.  This means that we:

(1) Assess the community and the issues
(2) Build capacity by gathering partners and resources
(3) Create action plans
(4) Implement those action plans
(5) Evaluate the work done

Our strategies include working toward environmental or systems level change, including addressing cultural norms and public policies; organizational change within local businesses, hospitals, schools, and the like; and individual change through education, training and shared experiences.

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